Turn off your TV.  Quitting television is arguably the first thing you should do in the life reclamation process. The average American watches over 30 hours of television per week, or over 5 hours per day. That’s nearly a full-time job spent disposing of the one thing that you cannot reclaim: time.

But its more than just time. Consider that most mainstream media in the United States is owned by just a few corporations. You’ve probably seen  infographics like this:


Watching 30+ hours of television per week gives these corporations a huge opportunity to influence you through news content, sports programming, and conventional entertainment, not to mention the unending stream of commercials that you’ll be subjected to.

RMwolfblitzer2What’s worse, the medium of television itself, puts you into a mental state that makes you more receptive to these messages. Terrance McKenna gives his take on Television here:



Rogues: There are two medals to earn in this category. Post the individual medals on your profile pages or the certificates in your social media feeds.

teeveebronzeBronze: To successfully earn the silver medallion, cut the cord for 30 days. That means no television (cable, over the air, streaming) for 30 days. Take the time you would have spent on television and use it for something else. Maybe you can get more sleep, more exercise, learn new skills, or call an old friend. Find new ways to entertain and inform yourself. Whatever it is you do, just don’t give your time away to people who are actively seeking to take your time, money, and energy from you, and manipulate your behavior to boot.


Silver: We’re still considering requirements for a silver Medallion. Leave your suggestions in the comments section.


teeveegoldGold:  To earn the gold medallion, make the cut from television permanent. This includes canceling cable services. This medal has two benefits: It reduces the level of propaganda and programming that you’re exposed to, but also cuts off funding for those who produce that propaganda in the first place.






2 thoughts on “Television

  1. Many…well, most,…people rely on television for passing the time after work. Disabled people would be cut off from the world. Life has become reliant on television. I have some ameliorating (love that word) thoughts.
    1) Avoid all news show…serves no purpose at all. Maybe 60 minutes.
    2) Avoid anything made in the last 5 years. The creeps are after the young with worse and worse junk.
    3) Watch a favorite, mute the commercials, get up and move…go to the window, break the spell.
    4) I have only very small coffee cups, bowls, and plates. This forces my household to get up for refills. Simple, but it works. We are always getting up…which also breaks the spells of wooly-mindedness.
    5) NEVER watch tv lying down.

    To simply avoid the whole gadget would mean having no family life or friendships except fellow puritans…besides, teetotalers are self righteous. Who needs that vice?


    1. Hi,
      Thanks for the comment and coming to check out the site.
      That people rely on television to pass the time after work is sort of the problem. Its a direct line to your conscious and subconscious that is given away freely, sacrificing time that could be used for something more productive.
      You have a fair point regarding disabled people, although I’m not suggesting avoiding the internet, assuming its used correctly.
      Do you think you could do a thirty-day tv fast? Earn the bronze medal? I was very surprised how very different it felt to watch tv after quitting for thirty days.
      Maybe try Screen-free week (
      In any case, thanks for checking out the site.


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