Third Party

After at least 16 years of arrogance, war, incompetence, false dichotomies, “To Big To Fail”, crony capitalism, captured regulators, special interests, and non-transparency, its way past time to find new representation and leadership. If the current people in RMLesserevilsleadership positions know they have your vote, they don’t really need to change. They know they can do anything, because as bad as they are, they know  they appear far preferable to the person from the other party, no matter which party you’re part of.

Rogue’s Medallion — There are three medals for Rogues in this category.

Bronze: To earn the bronze Medallion, find a candidate that represents something close to your view of the world and that doesn’t have a (D) or (R) next to their name. Yes, it will take time, so start now.

silver3p.pngSilver: Fulfill the requirements for the bronze Medallion, but also remove yourself from the Democrat or Republican Party, if you’re still registered as a member. You may not be able to vote in your former party’s primary, but as we’ve all seen in the run-up for to the 2016 national conventions, your vote in those primaries doesn’t really mean much anyway. In the end, who you vote for is up to you and a personal choice, but let those in government know that your vote isn’t assured.

gold3p.pngGold: Voting is a personal thing, but once you’ve found a candidate that you could vote for, you can earn the gold Medallion by exercising your right to vote, for that candidate.


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